Pokemon Blast Burn ROM v4.4 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Blast Burn
Versionv4.4 Fixed
Released DateMay 7, 2020


This ultimate ROM hack is considered Pokemon Blast Burn ROM, with the almost same gameplay as the FireRed version. As we can see before Pokemon FireRed is a gameplay that is unique one. Similarly, this gameplay also is going to be a nice one just like before. Here in this ROM, you will play with the same story. You will be the Red Pokemon Trainer as described in the primary game.

Few quantities of changes users may find here. The only thing that has been upgraded in this gameplay is to be attached are the rivals i.e. the opponents & besides that some new events. Now it will expand the skill, and speed & boost the energy of the players. Despite these advantages, there is also an extravagant feature that is also included in this game. The story of Pokemon Titanium which will be released in the future also gets in touch with this gameplay & seems to be gorgeous.


  • The users can also capture the new items mentioned in this gameplay.
  • The new moves & abilities of Pokemon are also added.
  • AI in terms of artificial intelligence is available here.
  • In the 6th generation, you will play the game in both day & night systems besides the EXP systems.
  • With the mega evolution of the battle, you will obtain the catchable Pokemon used for this purpose.
  • You will achieve the Pokemon from the 1st to 6th generation.
  • For your protection, users can use the ultra back-stairs.
  • Especially, in this hack the items of Black & White Pokemon along with the BW sprites needful here.
  • Players will gain a new character as well as a trade system wonderfully.
  • While playing, links and communication with each other in the battle are also available.


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