Pokemon Red Rumor ROM v1.1 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Red Rumor
Released DateJune 22, 2019


Pokemon Red Rumour is a gameplay of GBC type & it was developed by NobodySociety. This game has two versions and you can choose anyone according to your needs. One of them is a cheat version & one of them is a non-cheat version. Here, in this gameplay, one kind of item is to be used that seems GameShark. After being motivated by the GameShark, you can easily obtain those items of Pokegods. But the non-cheat version gained none but your emulator’s to just give it yourself. But the advantage that the users get is replacing the potion i.e. mixture at the very start of the game.

This long durable story remains unchanged from Pokemon Red. Unfortunately, in the 90s there are also rumors of false stories of Pokemon. They are for instance Pokegods, Mist Stones & Brick Town. Some of them want to defeat the E4 40 times but can hardly cut. The old “codes” became the lowest, and some processes were taken to make them more distinguishable for the game’s capacity.


  • By pressing the “B” button, users can run not only in their shoes but also in a Mach Bike.
  • You can easily select the Gender either male or female person.
  • PHYS/SPEC growth divided or separated from each other.
  • In Celadon City, if users approach, they can store a Link cable item.
  • A certain area, Mt. Moon B2 where you may find unpicked fossils.
  • Extraordinarily, one can obtain the HMs to talk among the players.
  • The best graphics quality you can find comes from this long-duration story.
  • Here, the players can find the updated system such as B/W repel, day & night system, etc.


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