Pocket Gaiden 2 ROM v1.1.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePocket Gaiden 2
Released DateDecember 12, 2020


This emerald ROM hack, primarily named Pocket Gaiden 2 is a game full of enjoyment and full of adventure. The region i.e the area Ríota region is situated in Uruguay country. In the following map from where the game starts, there is a falsehood in listening that a wish-granting Genie lies in Wing Peak and spreads through the region. Players are too excited to see the matters what is going on.

The renowned swimmer named Clad, a competitor who has participated in a national competition is seriously going to start the risk of an adventure with his three faithful friends. They are Fern, the stronger one, Then Malimo, the diligent, and the last one is Ryan “Rye”, the dedicated and committed. Whatever, the journey begins with a long breath for the achievement of success. In the middle of the trip, Clad found it strange and curious to see a teenager who was inquiring about his helping hand. Clad, being disappointed wants to think who it is. Now they even think that the Genie of Wing Peak is authentic or not. In this circumstance, they are about to guess what adversity as well as what kinds of rivals the four friends are facing on their excursion within the Ríota region in the shining sun.


  • Firstly the adventure starts from the Ríota region but it remains unstoppable.
  • Users are facing some difficulties and some complexity too.
  • This entire game involved four trainers and they have the bravery in this exhibition.
  • The most attractive part of this gameplay is to summit the peak and win this battleship.
  • Players are excited besides the adventurous moment to find out an unknown lad.


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