Pokemon Stranded ROM v0.1.7 [Pre-Patched] GBA Free Download

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ROM NamePokemon Stranded
DeveloperEntaro Ceraphenine
Released DateJanuary 7, 2021


Pokemon Stranded is a ROM hack based on the FireRed & the developer of this game is Entaro Ceraphenine. The players will fall into utter comparison as the game is different from the others we can see here. Hopefully, this game will be what most of the players are fond of & they can gather a lot of experience after playing this ROM.

Users can see many types of Pokemon games & they have a lot of variety. But Pokemon Stranded takes a various route which means it is not similar to the other conventional gameplay. It has multiple ways that will be helpful for beginners. The new starter will find this game as there are no Gyms or traditional Pokemon trainers. Besides these, there will be no badges to collect, no Pokemon Center to train & no Pokemart to purchase the items needed for the trainers. Though the main story is different & it is fairly short. Not only short but also straightforward to comfort the users to understand. Unfortunately, there are almost thousands of stories attached with the main along the way. The focus you need here is to add some new sidequests for updates entirely.


  1. Only for the store, you have to make food, though you don’t need to eat & then order the haunter for a magic to show off.
  2. You can find Fairy-type Pokemon that helps you during Pokemon battles.
  3. You can make a new route to defeat the obstacle & overcome your journey easily.
  4. This game has authentic stories, amazing challenges, interesting missions, clear graphics, and better sound quality.
  5. On the eastern side, a lot of internet & references for memes to collect the Eggs.
  6. There are some new adventure modes such as  Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise available here.


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