Pokemon Ketchup Version ROM [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Ketchup
Released DateAugust 26, 2020


This ultimate ROM hack, usually named Pokemon Ketchup, is a fascinating game that we may look at here. In this manipulation, users are more satisfied as the game is going to take a new move or turn. Seemingly, you are a player who is taking part in this hack and becomes delighted to maintain this game. Through this ROM, the interrogation will be distributed i.e. handed over to all the players. This is the main intention of this game. During the gameplay, new challenges you may face and survive to maintain your existence on this journey.

The series will be consistent and the players will be looking for the reviews if there is occurring right or wrong. There must be other players who will be together with you in this game. Now the players will be delivered an authentic story and they have to be prepared to make new ones. Here users can find also the new region or the plot, predicated on the SpaceWorld 97′ constructed of mainly Gold and Silver. You have to beat all the players and win the championship. Thus the game comes to an end.


  • The Players will be shown the new Overworld and a new excursion.
  • Users will be of utmost constructive as they can get new counselors to show you the right way besides the GYM Leaders.
  • You will have to visit the world which is too challenging and make a comparison with the creative game.
  • In this gameplay, you will design a unique and initiative story.
  • You will get a mini reward after the completion of this challenging hack.


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