Pokemon Stigma Version ROM Beta1.6 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Stigma
Version Beta 1.6
Released DateMarch 19, 2020


The Pokemon games of various types are familiar day by day. Pokemon Stigma Version ROM is no exception of it. This is a mysterious, common type of hack that will make the users to its advantage. This marvelous gameplay is set in the region of Kanto with a massive storyline. imagine that you are a Pokemon trainer of Lavender Town & set out on a journey to find out the twist behind the facts.

Looking out of the matter, you knew the exact fact. With the sudden appearance of a hooded man in the Pokemon tower, the whole area is infected with a virus. So the people of the region are now in great danger. A mysterious virus is spread out & it involves the trainers & their Pokemon into mindless ghouls. You followed the Team  Nihilus’ plan & want to destroy it. You have to meet with enigmatic scientist Lumos  & find out the way to cure the virus & save the world. Kanto’s Clergy and Great Sage Stephano will be obstacles in your way to deceive. The entire world has a strong belief in you to protect them & come out of this situation.


  • Initially, the characters appear from authentic gameplay for instance May, Dawn, Brendan, and Ethan.
  • You can customize the maps, and sprites & all over the world as per your opinion.
  • The Pokemon will be obtainable from the regions of Johto, Hoenn & Kanto especially.
  • Exclusively, the mega evolution is an additional feature here.
  • Except for the other system, you can change the color pallets only.
  • You will face some challenging levels during the play.


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