Pokemon Sevii ROM Beta 3.5.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Sevii
VersionBeta 3.5.2
DeveloperChild Amnesiac
Released DateNovember 10, 2021


Pokemon Sevii is a GBA ROM and modified of FireRed. The gameplay is as pretty & full of mystery as we can find. Users will know here plenty of new things & they learn about new narratives while playing this beautiful one. This game is now going to be more furnished with just a glance at it.

Supposedly, you are a teenager of 15 years who lives on an island named Sevii. One day, Celio takes you on an adventure to run an errand & for that, he gives you an Eevee. He handed over this to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. During the time of running this errand, an evil team known as Team Delta relevant to Celio’s Eevee has stolen a boy who seems to be mysterious. Later we see that our captain is involved in a better argument with this lad & then with Team Delta. But you have an intention except these & that is the Gym challenge. Besides you have a great aim to save the world, take revenge after defeating team Delta & then the ownership of Sevii island. Thus this turns to an end.


  • Here the users will get almost 386, a vast number of Pokemon that will be catchable.
  • The sound quality you can customize & then the 15 songs to listen to you can also customize.
  • The mega evolution i.e. a lot of features is updated within the entire gameplay.
  • You will face some puzzle ruins in the Johto region & carefully cross them.
  • 2 earlier regions that will be helpful for the starters are the Kanto & Sevii islands.
  • There are 16 GYM challenges as far as 2 leagues are also available.
  • The extraordinarily you can capture the Pokemon sprites in DS style.


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