Pokemon DarkFire ROM Beta 2.0.5 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Darkfire
VersionBeta 2.0.5
DeveloperKarl, Ray Maverick
Released DateApril 3, 2021


This amazing & also charming Pokemon DarkFire ROM is an Emerald Hack. It is available for GBA & the developer is Karl, Ray Maverick. The gameplay involves mainly the Pokemon virus & you become a scientist who will go to investigate the matter. You supposedly, dwell at Tenjo in the east Hoenn. You are following some days that a few Pokemon are missing & even some of them are not responding to their trainers properly. After some time of your research, you have faced a suspicious man. He is surprisingly watching you on the battlefield & says that you have the talent to conquer this situation & then he is invisible hereafter.

On a single day, the player will hear that Tyler is missing from Tenjo. So once again set the journey. In the middle, luckily you met some new friends & they are ready to assist you on the way. Hence you became fearless now. You are now going to take part in a battle. Having money, the participant wanted fame & power by using Pokemon. Thus the Alarming rate is increasing day by day. Lastly, you are thinking with disappointment whether the gov. is good or not. Besides, Tyler& the Pokemon behave strangely.


  • Users will observe a brand-new region.
  • This gameplay has a storyline but it seems dark.
  • By utilizing the 7th-generation mechanics, you will grow your power.
  • The battle backgrounds are earliest & the double wild battle system is accessible.
  • You can easily replace gyms during battle tournaments.
  • Exclusively, players can find the Dizzyegg’s battle engine to exhaust their rivals.
  • The TMs are reusable and will be helpful for users.


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