Pokemon FireRed 20XX ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon FireRed 20XX
Released DateMarch 1, 2019


We notice that the gameplay of Pokemon FireRed 20XX is simple and it is the hack of FireRed. There is some intention i.e. the prediction here in this play. Firstly, the users can play this ROM with zero EXP run of the Pokemon game. This is a very few different types of ROM hack. After modification, there are some changes that we find.

Now, in this updated version, the Pokemon are easy to catch. No grind is needed while playing this ROM. By utilizing this, users can construct various types of teams as per their requirements. Besides, it will be very helpful for the players to fight against their rivals & the very powerful GYM leaders. So, the beginners are hereby requested to throw the balls at the Pokemon Species in various evolution methods. Players have to remember one thing they have to need a mindset of different as it is not like the regular Pokemon game. This gameplay will teach you how to conquer enemies & tackle them during play if they will more stronger than you. But all these are very expandable & the players can use them for self-destruct or destiny bonds.


  • Users will gain every single Pokemon that has a level of at least 100.
  • During the battle time, the revived players will get no chance to use it once again.
  • Surprisingly the EVs have no existence here.
  • The expensive Master balls that are also helpful through the play are purchasable only for 10 bucks.
  • Gym leaders have the ultra legend power & they are stronger than you.
  • A few quantities of trade items are changeable here in the gameplay.


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