Pokemon Kanto Ultimate ROM Latest v2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Kanto Ultimate
Released DateFebruary 16, 2024


This Ultimate Hack the Pokemon Kanto offers a meaningful storyline for the Gameboy Advanced. This one as users already know, is sufficient as well as so captivating also. Besides these types of features, this game has also some drawbacks in terms of shortcomings that we can also observe through the gameplay. Despite these advantages, people find this Pokemon ROM, an interesting one as well as popular.

This game was inaugurated from the core region of the nationwide map Kanto. The region became so famous, that most of the battles occurred here in ancient times. So, it has been revised after a lot of furious action. There is some mysterious story in this area during the fighting & these are now making history & expanding all over the region. In those old days, people faced difficulties & the levels were so harder than the present. But with the growth of time, all the features such as 386 mons, hero of each battle, GYM leader & many renowned characters are currently going on. Besides that, the legendary Pokemon are obtainable from the first three generations & also appear in the lighting of the situation nowadays.


  1. This amazing game you can play the day and night also according to your opinion.
  2. Here are two types of islands we can capture, then Southern Island and Mirage Island.
  3. The Tohjo Falls and Mt Silver were attached in the Kanto region.
  4. Exclusively, the leaders of Orange Islands as well as the frontier brain are also added here.
  5. This game has realistic graphics and the sound system also appealing.
  6. See the Pokemon from 1st to 3rd along with some of 4th Gen Fakemon.
  7. The Pokemon trainers as well as the sprites are also fully upgraded.
  8. PHYS/SPEC movements are breaking up besides the HMs being forgettable & the TMs are deletable.


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