Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition ROM v1.0.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition
Versionv1.0.2 [Final]
Released DateJuly 11, 2021


Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition begins in a new area of the renowned town named Pallet. A newly born hero i.e. teenager in this town, having a big dream to be a Pokemon master. With the interest of his love for Pokemon battles, he wants to become the best commander. He fights against the GYM leaders in this area & beating them he wins the Pokemon League. It is a well-trodden tale & different from the authentic one.

Behind the adventure of this story, there is a darker & sinister plot tremendously. One of them is that we can hear that the hero mentioned above is not the real hero. But the Kanto region & the hero both of them are really fateful. A Scientist of Sociopathic, hungry nurses who want to take revenge & the GYM leaders are horrific as they can come out of their original appearance to show the Red turns. The people who are giving shelter amicably to their native eyes in fact have the awful intention to consider. It is not to mention that the criminals of the underworld of the Kanto region have snatched the fate of hundreds of trainers & they are now ruthlessly defeated behind the story.


  • The Players can steal i.e. grab the Pokemon from each trainer in this gameplay.
  • The most highlighted thing in the story lies behind the authentic Red’s adventure story.
  • If one is defeated, he will die. This is the process of this hack.
  • There are a variety of sidequests users may find here.
  • Another unique one can love is the VI-style mechanics as well as the presentation in the whole generation.
  • The overall gameplay besides the interface develops fully & finally.


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