Pokemon Bronze 2 ROM v1.05 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Bronze 2
Released DateMay 26, 2020


This genuine crystal ROM hack Pokemon Bronze 2 is ever a fantastic game. This is the next version of the Bronze of the gameplay. Here, users are mostly found in an area or plot of the map. From this region, the journey begins with full of adventure. In this latest modified Bronze 2 version, you are supposedly either a lad or a lass. You are also a Pokemon trainer in the gameplay. The trip opens in an Old Oak town on the map. Now, you aim to collect all 8 badges that can help you during the fighting time. By utilizing these GYM badges, you can easily defeat the Elite Four beside your foe.

Meanwhile, while crossing a forest, in the way you notice some criminals i.e. offenders. They are discussing the matter of stealing, and kidnapping & that they can get money by doing these crimes. Being a brave & experienced trainer, you are ready to fight against them. Therefore, one more you are going to create a mill Pokemon story game and run them continuously. These Pokemon are mostly missing from the many Pokemon in this ROM hack. You don’t know what is next about. Thus this game goes to a finish.


  • Users will find a unique gameplay that is mentioned here.
  • Players can utilize their legendary Pokemon to conquer their enemies.
  • In this hack, you may face some tough challenges & cross out them appropriately.
  • A very few complexity & adversities you may observe here.
  • At the end of this gameplay, you will get a mini reward & some needed equipment.
  • After completion of the levels, your energy will boost up & expand too.


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