Pokemon FireRed Minus ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon FireRed Minus
Developer KrustyKong
Released Date May 19, 2019


Pokemon FireRed Minus ROM is a different type of ROM hack that will match not properly but similarly to others. Players will be benefitted here & glad also for such a game to play. This is a GBA ROM that mixes features to make it content for the players. Not more but some of them have extra advantages. Though this game has no starting area or finishing, despite all these adversity it is a well-done gameplay.

All the feature comes from Gen 3 & as well as the features of Gen 2 are mixed up here. The gameplay of both Gen 2 & 3 may be easy, medium, or hard. This act is like a spoon to mix up the quality of both generations. Also, a few items are inspired from GSC such as RBY maps and the user interface.


  • This ROM is based on MrDollSteak’s FireRed hack.
  • Users can easily & consideringly to get the Pokemon Sprites from the Crystal ROM.
  • The authentic maps of RBY versions are remade i.e. reconstructed here with GSC sprites.
  • OW sprites come from the Gen 2 to be more exact.
  • The Background of Battle, as well as UI one kind of element, that you can get from GSC.
  • None but exclusive Pokemon with the latest features is available here.
  • The AI i.e. artificial intelligence can change your battle engine into a powerful one.
  • If one time defeated, you can not get a chance to survive.


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