Pokemon Custom Crystal ROM Final Beta [Pre-Patched] Download

ROM NamePokemon Custom Crystal
VersionFinal Beta
Released DateNovember 17, 2020


Pokemon Custom Crystal was invigorated by Dry Hack. But it will be convenient to dry-hack when the game starts because you live in the Johto region. Catch Pokemon from there and train the Pokemon. Users can increase the ability of their Pokemon by training them perfectly. Then the Pokemon become more powerful and offer more benefits in the fight. Here players can find various Pokemon types and moves. You have to use your experience to catch Pokemon because it’s not easy to do. You can become a Pokemon Master by training yourself.

When the battleground Pokemon fight started, all non-legendary Pokemon had new moves and styles. Here you can see the legendary and non-legendary Pokemon are available. These non-legendary Pokemon are catchable and legendary Pokemon are not catchable because they are mighty and very advantageous. Here a few ghost Pokemon are changed into special split and dark has been changed physically. Get smooth gameplay with maximum graphics on an emulator device. Earn more rewards for completing different tasks and winning the game.


  • In this game, all non-legendary have brand new moves and new styles.
  • All Pokemon can be catchable but legendary birds and Celebi Pokemon are not catchable.
  • Find a lot of ghost Pokemon that are changed into physical and special splits.
  • Some dialogue is made better by edits.
  • The Gym leaders use Pokemon from the Johto region.
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