Pokemon Pokeverse ROM v1.4 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Pokeverse
Released DateJune 12, 2020


This ultimate ROM named Pokemon Pokeverse is the hack of FireRed and is also the ROM of the newly modified Pokemon. Here users can observe Pokemon of various kinds and their ultra-legend power also. In this game, the region Kanto, the core heart of this gameplay is mentioned as the land of Pokemon. Most of the battle-ship besides the adventure is also exposed from the region Kanto.

Currently, the Kanto region has been interpreted in the universe of parallelism, and the region is totally shaped heartily. Here you will find a lot of Pokemon who are freely roaming here & there together or alone. These are the Pokemon who are of various types in number. They are being designed according to their characteristic. If possible, you have to visit this area and definitely can capture them so captivating. Besides that, some of them have magical powers and most of them are physically strengthened. It seems more satisfying to look at them as they are entirely changed after being modified.


  • Players will be helpful as they can find approximately 151 Pokemon, a vast number of Pokemon from the 1st to 8th generation.
  • Users have to face some difficulties in terms of complexity expansion with the strategy when leveling up.
  • The way i.e. the path has been modified for growing speed and capacity.
  • In this gameplay, moveability is a must skill that is taught by a person named Nurse Joy.
  • Especially the 6th generation reveals the EXP share of Pokemon in this hack.
  • The extraordinary feature is that you may find here the fairy-type Pokemon used for action in the battleship.


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