Pokemon Turquoise ROM Beta 1.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Turquoise
VersionBeta 1.2
DeveloperTropical Sunlight
Released DateJune 18, 2021


This extremely hack Pokemon Turquoise ROM is a mysterious as well as an adventurous one. Besides that, the users can be delighted after knowing about this nice gameplay. It starts with an outstanding conversation as we can find here. Supposedly you are playing the role of Mr. GIOVANNI, an honorable character in this game. You become worried about knowing the fact that Mario, a legendary Pokemon runs the TEAM ROCKET while you have just left from there. The Powerful Mario will destroy everything with his supernatural power. So the player has decided to get back to the FLOREM quickly to stop him.

The adventure takes a new turn hereafter. Waking up, you go downstairs & then your mom says that the needful Poke Ticket, that you wanted has finally reached your house. Joyfully you say YES! I can get my own Pokemon & become more powerful now. You are now about to go to the lab of Mrs. Mango which is just feet away by walking. But when you come out, see that your friend is hereby to meet you. He is saying that on the riverside Harmony, there are crying some strange Pokemon. It is far away from your hometown in the west. Now from this triple twig, you have to prepare to get down in the hack bravely.


  • The users will play this ROM by taking the name Jack or Lucia.
  • Players will see here the new Rocket Leader to run the rocket.
  • Here the Pokemon of the earliest leading are also available such as Wujifin.
  • The underwater of this gameplay can be back and reusable also.
  • In this gameplay, users will find new maps as well as new scripts.
  • You have to face & fight with new enemies i.e. the rivals & beat them too.
  • The extra one is that also mentioned is a thrilling gameplay.


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