Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower: Challenge Edition ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Battle Tower: Challenge Edition
VersionBeta 0.1
Released DateAugust 18, 2020


This Emerald hack ROM is generally intended for the Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower: Challenge Edition. After a certain time, the version was modified & as a result, it became properly a durable ROM game. In this gameplay, the users can also find here a battleship that is too competitive. So the players must accept the challenges & to play the game utter communicate with each other.

In the 3rd generation of this gameplay adds the OU i.e. the overused Pokemon. Those who have a great experience with this story & who already have finished the previous struggle can take part also in this gameplay. This complete ROM game replaces the pools that exist in the battle. Within the game, the Battle Tower Mons in terms of monsters will appear here. Along with the Smogon sets that are renowned & used during battle time, you will participate in this competition. Then players can take the lead beating their rivals competitively.


  • Firstly, in this gameplay, the users will observe an area of battleship, mostly seen on the map.
  • Players will have imminent power to fight in this battle.
  • The variety of needful equipment players will gain here.
  • Pokemon with various types you can use according to your requirements.
  • The HMs are reusable & the TMs are deletable here in this gameplay.
  • The new region that you will observe, is full of adventure.
  • Lastly, you will get mini rewards after the completion of this battleship.
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