Pokemon Aluminum ROM v0.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Aluminum
Released DateApril 6, 2020


Pokemon Aluminum ROM offers the inner delight that comes from the core of the players. Here, you will play the ROM as a young & and aspiring trainer full of excitement. Besides that, you are considered the son of two retired trainers proudly. So the game i.e. the journey starts from the Epico.

Imagine that you are going to the renowned professor, Prof. Canary to come across & consult. You are going there just to find or show out the rare one of three Pokemon, that need you at any cost. On the other hand, you are visiting along with a young trainer, a different one. Here you can observe an island far away from your hometown. After coming out of your trip, you are just capturing all Pokemon in the Epico as well as the Swoile region. In the middle of your journey, you will meet up with the evil team i.e. squad named Ubers all of a sudden. Team Ubers, a famous group of criminals are aiming to take over the Pokemon showdown. Along with this, they are targeting also to grab the server & do not want anybody to use the simulator. It has a great impact on school trainers, Pokemon research as well as pro battling of divisions. Now one question remains whether you can stop the evil team from achieving their goal or not.


  • A newly released semi-open world map that the users find here.
  • Along with 380 Pokemons, there are including also Fakemons as well as regional variants.
  • The new evolution is also available in this gameplay.
  • The HMs are unnecessary to complete the game which is so fascinating.
  • There is also a name rating besides move reminding services usually have in every Pokemon center.
  • With the new versions, the new moveability & power both impact a lot here.
  • You can shine the Pokemon according to your requirements & can also customize them.
  • Here the Pokemons have remained unnamed i.e. no variety of Pokemon is found.


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