Pokemon Remixed Red and Blue ROM [Pre-Patched] GBC Free Download

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ROM NamePokemon Remixed Red and Blue
Released DateMay 7, 2021


The Pokemon Remixed Red & Blue ROM hack is a twist of both Red/Blue & it is available for GBC. This Rom is 2 in 1 game, you get the 2 category games in one game. This has amazing storylines, missions, and challenges available. For the users, the game besides being interesting, is captivating also. So, the game has now after modified to have an impactful & easy to use.

The main target of this ROM as we can find in this gameplay is to fix the keeps & feel of Gen 1. Supposedly, you are an experienced Pokemon fighter. You have already both types i.e. the Red & Blue Pokemon are available. So, keep it accessible according to the requirements of the time of fighting. The mega-evolutions of this game will make you play with ease. Therefore, by utilizing their ultra capacity, you then run the game more playable along with more Pokemon to be viable.


  1. The developer added the two types of modes Steel and Dark mode.
  2. You can catch a total of 151 unique Pokemons and use these Pokemons for the fight.
  3. You can see the New moves and new abilities are available.
  4. The gaming control and the graphics quality are the best, sound quality is good.
  5. The old Gym trainer is changed and the new Gym trainer is entered.
  6. The new moveability of this game is attached & the TMs are reusable to make easy the game.
  7. Exclusively, the ghost-type Pokemon are special & the dark-type Pokemon are Physical within the gameplay.
  8. The new rivals i.e. foe & Giovanni, a Pokemon master are now easy to get in this whole gameplay.


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