Pokemon Bidoof Version ROM v0.2.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Bidoof Version
Released DateNovember 20, 2019


The Pokemon Bidoof Version is very rare but provides outstanding gameplay. It has a brief but unique storyline that the users can find here. This nice one is not like the other similar types of hacks we mentioned. Most of the players can find the game as a strange gameplay. But if one time plays, you will never forget to stay away from this ROM.

It is set in the core heart of the region named the Kanto region. It was a shining day & everything went on according to their own. But, all of a sudden, just a few moments later, there appeared the “Team Rocket” with an imminent danger. From then everything in the Kanto region has been destroyed within a moment. The people are now facing hesitations & troubles in their lives. You, as an esteemed GYM leader, will come to them as a savior. Players have to take an adventure in the world of the cursed “Team Rocket”. Though you did not expect such a dire condition it was well-done that you got. After reaching, the leader of Pokemon has to find out their secret plan & unravel them out of the people.


  • The starter that you appoint here is Bidoof.
  • Not only users but also rivals who are still using the Bidoof.
  • The legendaries & as well as the all GYMS trainers are using Bidoof too.
  • Many other things such as buildings, your hat & even your father are like it.
  • As a Pokemon-renowned GYM leader & a savior, the player should have uncovered the truths & then saved the people of Kanto.


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