Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged ROM v6.1a [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged
Released DateOctober 15, 2023


The hack of this game is the finalization of re-considering the demonstration of Pokemon Gold and Silver of the year 1997. The game certainly begins from the region of Nihon with a uniquely identified and classified story. Here, players will find the Pokemon named beta Pokemon throwing entirely. The Pokemon are dressed up in the fashion of the Graphics generally known as Crystal’s GBC. This ROM has been completely focused on readjusting and predicated on level 3’s original Gold 97 hack. It is rearranged from the former as it is going to take an adventure from now on with a new turn. Going on a magnificent adventure, the user aims to focus on the Pokemon and catch them for battle and other purposes. Players have to be ready to ride a rocket with their entire squad. Also, be embarrassed in the election consequence to the genuine Pokemon.

Here the reforged i.e. the refashion comes in two versions, one of them is Gold and the other one is Silver. Pokemon of all kinds are still grabbable both in these versions and you need to endure the tables of highlighting the ghost and separating them from each other. It will create a new story with a new advancing gameplay.


  • The whole world i.e. the map is now colorful.
  • Two release versions, Gold and Silver have different sprites as well as sustainable difference rates.
  • Lugia, a powerful Pokemon has been combined in Silver’s versions.
  • The title screen was reestablished from Spaceworld ’97.
  • Users can be used better when the moving pace of Pokemon has switched.
  • The new coach or trainer attached to develop the level curve of Gen 2’s.
  • Newly modified Pokemon trainers are also available.
  • Besides the updated trainer, the female trainers are also appointed here to grow their power and skill.
  • The map specifically the region Kanto has been published for Spaceworld to get more consciousness.


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