Pokemon Azure Horizons ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Azure Horizons
VersionTrue Continued Version 2023
Released DateMarch 4, 2023

True Continued Version 2023 (by hacksrepairman) [Completed]

Beta 2 (Official) [Discontinued]


The Pokemon Azure Horizons is a unique story created by Frostbite. In this ROM hack, the users can learn about a gameplay that can make them glad. The game starts from a new region of the map, Zephyr. You have been waiting for months & extremely ambitious for approval of a letter. Now the day has come to take the acceptance letter for your dream league to the region. This is a great opportunity to follow in the footsteps of your experienced brother, a legendary Pokemon trainer.

You have fixed your aim as a Pokemon trainer. So, increase your power day by day by defeating the challenges that come to you & handling them appropriately. Trainers work hard because they know that to go to the top of the success. Then, with this thinking, you will reach the top-ranking at finally. It has gone well but after some days of your journey, you are now feeling that there’s something went wrong. Some strange Pokemon trainers are creating noise to stop achieving your goal.


  • Users may find the new region on the map of Zephyr.
  • There are almost 386 Pokemon to utilize during gaming.
  • In Gen 3, there remains a well & good portion that will be helpful for the players.
  • A new team named the Team Tundra, an evil squad is now ready to fight against you.
  • This gameplay carries some new features from the diamond & pearl.
  • The listener will be amazed by listening to the latest music within the game.
  • The progression of decapitalization & sidequests and so on are available here.
  • Lastly, the new events that mean new steps with the commitment one can observe.
  • Few processes in terms of capability will transform into a high capacity.


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