Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Free Download

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ROM NamePokemon R.O.W.E.
Released DateOctober 4, 2023

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R.O.W.E. ROM is the hack of Pokemon Emerald developed by rioluwott. It is available for free and you can play on your Gameboy Advance console and emulator easily. Today, most of us want to play the ROM on a GBA emulator on various devices. Yes, you can play this ROM game with the maximum quality on your Windows PC, Android, iOS phone, and even Linux device. You can get a unique story that is also very inspired by Emerald ROM. The players can explore the region everywhere. Because it is an open-world game and players can visit any area easily. There are lots of game modes available such as Randomize, Double Battle, Inverse, Perfect IVs, No EVs, etc. Each mode contains lots of features and excellent gameplay.

You can find all your favorite Pokemon from the 8th generation. So, catch the powerful and ability Pokemon into the Pokeball for future use in a fight. Now, the game also gives you the opportunity to change the Pokeball as well. You can also participate in various battles with the Gym Leader and also conduct rematches as well. There are more than 120 TMs available and each can be re-suable. Gamers can also use the Pokedex and 6th-generation Exp for free.


  • You can explore all the regions and maps to discover hidden items.
  • Choose from 9 different starter Pokemon and start the Pokemon trainer journey.
  • Different game modes are available like randomize, double battle, inverse, perfect TVs, and No EVs.
  • Find all the 8th-generation Pokemon and change the Pokeball as well.
  • Take challenges from the Gym Leader and re-fight daily.
  • Get more than 120TMs and you can reuse them on the game.
  • When you reach the 7th badge, you can get the Mega Evoluion opportunity.
  • Use helpful Pokedex.


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