Smashmons Spirit Red ROM v1.02 (Complete) [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NameSmashmons Spirit Red
Versionv1.02 (Complete)
Released DateOctober 22, 2020


The gameplay as you can find here the Smashmons Spirit Red is a superb one that everyone gets it needful. It is not primarily a Pokemon gameplay but a kind of that you can assume. In this extraordinary FireRed ROM hack, players can spot the various types of wildlife savage beasts here. This is the game where almost all alternative features are available for the trending authorization of the gameplay. Users can also find here the substitution for Pokemon according to their performance and capability.

Presently the ROM is distinguished from the others and the Pokemon are cordially improved during gameplay. Every one of them has individual and distinct features that can differ them from others such as their stats and typing. They are now more advanced to represent them in their particular gameplay besides shining back their quality i.e. characteristics among the whole world of Pokemon Ultimate ROM.


  • Players can notice various creatures here with many dissimilar privileges such as the captivative Pokemon.
  • Along with the region Kanto, the surroundings have increased, and most of them to survey.
  • Similarly to the others, you can find also the Physical/Special availability that is separated or divided.
  • Users can roam a unique story with individual gameplay.
  • You will be satisfied after standardizing the game with a more beneficial story besides the trainer tower.
  • The moveable skill from the latest generations, the accustomed move as well as the old moves are transformed into the newer ones.
  • After completing the levels you will get mini rewards and the wholly finishable Pokedex region.
  • You have to face some challenges and go ahead through them and the other challenges to grow speed and O EXP challenges.
  • The HMs will be abandoned here at any moment.


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