Pokemon AlteRed ROM v2.5.3 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download


3.5/5 - (2)
ROM NamePokemon AlteRed
Released DateDecember 1, 2023

[Hard Mode]


Pokemon Altered is a hack of Fire Red where all the Pokemon have been supplanted with alternative forms. When you start the game you will stay in a region. The trainer will start from that region to become the best Pokemon master. On the journey, players will come across many Pokemon that need to catch. The trainer definitely gets the first Pokemon given by Professor Oak. Meet some friends who will always help you on this journey. In this game, you will face to-face Team Rocket and Team Flash. They are very dangerous people because they try to steal Pokemon and send them to their boss. As a player, you have to defeat them with their own Pokemon and save the other Pokemon.

In this game, various types, and moves of Pokemon are attainable. For example, all the legendary and non-legendary Pokemon that are available. During spending time at the game corner, you will get many rewards. After all, take challenges from various Gym Leaders and win the badges. When you complete 8 badges then you can participate in the Pokemon League.


  • There are 411 original alternate Pokemon available.
  • You can see this game also choose levels like easy, normal, and hard.
  • In this Pokemon never Physical and special split.
  • Some steps are taken from the 8th generation and some new ones are added.
  • You can find it on the second floor of every Pokemon center that presents Move Deleter, Move Reminder, and name Rater. 

Screenshot of Full Dex

Full Dex
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