Pokemon Demon Island ROM v1.3f2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Demon Island
Released Date May 20, 2021


Pokemon Demon Island is a modified ROM of the FireRed and you get a few similar options in it. This mysterious game about Pokemon is pretty amazing where we can find a beautiful Island but it is also a dangerous island as well. The Island was overwhelmed with hobgoblin. All the buttons will be explained to the significance of this game. Few people find the game where there is no map. Moreover, you can meet with a new evil team including the Team Rocket. They try to steal Pokemon and you need to lose them using your Pokemon power or ability. Now, the difficulty of this game increased to hard and you can switch to easy or medium. Feel free to play the game with the dark storyline on the GBA console and emulator.

The island in this game contains lots of monsters and hungry Pokemon. They try to eat you as well as harm you. So, you need to survive yourself by utilizing other Pokemon. Because all the harmful and dangerous Pokemon attack on you at any time. So, players need to be alert all the time during gaming.


  • The game has an extraordinary expansion and contains a dark story for an authentic experience.
  • The trainer can use MAKABRE to get extra advantages on some Pokemon evolution. It includes increasing stats, changing type, bringing new abilities, movesets, etc.
  • Meet different types and generations of new Pokemon and some of them come with re-designed.
  • Advanced destructive squad.
  • Use powerful legendary Pokemon for the best advantages and benefits during the fighting.
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