Pokemon Sors ROM v1.3 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Sors
VersionFull Release v1.3
Released DateDecember 25, 2021


The Pokemon Sors game is set based on a short story. About 300 years ago a strange cosmic phenomenon occurred. The history books on this phenomenon are clarified in the Great Eclipse book. This event does not seem to have been seen before by mankind but has been compared to a lunar eclipse. This strange phenomenon spread throughout the entire Hupest region. Pokemon in this region have unusual behavior and slightly changed forms, This event ended mysteriously. A few years later an organization started in the Hupest region where the leaders of the Siara, Mary, and Jackson began researching the phenomenon and trying to figure out the full potential through the Eclipse. The premise was simple, the goal was to return all Pokemon to their previous forms.

Through all these studies they have a child named Asher. After 5 years of Asher, his father and mother decided to divorce. Because Mary wanted to continue what she was creating but Jackson didn’t want that so Jackson left. At age 11, Asher set out on his own adventure and entered the Eclipse Tournament. Experience the full legend of Asher in Pok√©mon Sors. This game is built on the entire Asher journey. Now, for a better understanding of the whole story, play the ROM on the GBA emulator.


  • In this game, a custom soundtrack and a new region are the Hupest region and Eclipse available.
  • Here you can see the updated battle engine, ground, and battle mechanics to the 7th generation like moves, Pokemon, and special split.
  • You can see day and night systems and new events.
  • Find many aesthetic updates like Transparent textbox and soaring.
  • Get the side quests and an art design based on  BW/HGSS.
  • You can see Gen7 full national dex 758 plus 48 Eclipse Pokemon.


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