Pokemon Crystal Prodigy ROM v1.1 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon Crystal Prodigy
Version v1.1
Released DateFebruary 14, 2021


The name of the game was determined as Pokemon Crystal Prodigy, the hack of Crystal to be more exact. Though the game seems to be easy and playful, there are some adversities that one can observe. In this ROM hack, users can find that this version is not modified. Therefore the lack of the latest version, the old version takes up space and becomes more challenging. The game is illustrated for playing well done but the stresses are rising day by day.

Now, the game despite being different from the newer one, has not only shortcomings too many but also there are some advantages that you may look at. This hack is rightly so harassing but not too unacceptable. Players can focus more concentration and become needed as the storyline given here is unique and can enhance their progress.


  • Players will be helpful as they can get trained by the modern instructor. they are well known for their blue getup besides that they are also courageous and have several kinds of teams.
  • In this gameplay, each mentor has an essentially improved squad that makes them powerful.
  • Find the most powerful and graceful 251 Pokemon users can easily gain here.
  • The development of the steps of the dealings of Pokemon such as Kadabra, Haunter, etc. is exposed in this gameplay.
  • The extravagant feature is the proclaimed game in the Kanto region involving approximately a dozen new trainers as well as a vast side chase and Elite Four Round 2.
  • Lastly, after conquering the E4 Round 2, any exhausted and fabulous will return to his genuine position.


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