Pokemon FireRed: Battle Edition ROM v1.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon FR Battle Edition
Released DateJuly 10, 2020


For a supreme ROM hack, Pokemon FireRed: Battle Edition is the perseverance of a mysterious gameplay. Being different, this hack is unique from the other ones as we can view in this gameplay. Like the others, similarly in this gameplay too, the users can find that this battle begins from the region Kanto. This region is also included in the worldwide map as an essential area. But here, players can face some adversities too.

The main target i.e. the goal of this ROM is going to be more difficult. While playing the game the players will consequently understand it. Supposedly you are an experienced & old trainer as you go many times to the Kanto region. Therefore this is your journey of the Xth attempt. On the other hand, this trip made a difference in a few some. Going there, till now you’re willing to know the authentic history. For that, you consider getting in touch with the real to clarify the true implementation. It is going ahead and nextly you don’t know what is coming soon.


  • Almost 151 of the best Pokemons of the 3rd generation have been summarized within the Kantodex & on the Sevii Islands, there are also 50 more Pokemon who are grabbable.
  • The Pokedex has the individual Pokemon that must be finished before the E4 motion.
  • All the trainers were welcomed with the gift of AI and the IVs too.
  • During the fighting, the equipment is banded except for a few in quantity.
  • The physical/special ability breaks up i.e. separates.
  • Fairy types of Pokemon are used here to grow the boost-up.
  • Here is the world map may vary but still seems the same type.
  • The soundtrack has been found developed.
  • To make the game smoother, the base stats as well as the move sets need to be modified to the 7th generation.
  • Nature-colored stats through the appointment of decapitalization.
  • Users can also utilize here the infinite TMs as well as remove the HMs easily.


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