Pokemon Periwinkle Version: Special Blobbos Edition ROM v1.2.1 [GBC] Download

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ROM NamePokemon Periwinkle Version
Version v1.2.1
DeveloperClover Dev Team
Released DateJan 10, 2018


This Pokemon Periwinkle Version: Special Blobbos Edition is a game full of adventure. Users will find that this game has a unique storyline as mentioned here in this hack. Though it is a short-duration ROM it is going to impress the player while playing. Without talking too much, let’s engross the play.

The story starts from the core heart of the nationwide map & it is the Kanto region. It is no longer late, but the incident of a few months ago. After the original story of the 1st generation, A Pokemon Clover spin is set off in this region. Long long ago in the Kanto, there lived a cute girl in a village. Everything was going on with the time appropriately. But all of a sudden, there appeared a disreputable team named “Team Sky”.

They have the intention to loot the village & every corner of it to find out the treasure. Meanwhile, they notice the girl who seems to be beautiful. The notorious team then kidnapped the girl & carried her to their inhabitation. You, supposedly a grim Pokemon fighter have to set out for an adventure through the region Kanto. You can take the prolific fakemon with your journey such as Blobbos.


  • Surprisingly, the users will find that the Pikachu is now converted into Blobbi Pokemon & enhance its capacity.
  • An earlier story is set before the Pokemon Clover is now continuing & stops until finish the game.
  • A vast number, approximately 155 Pokemon are still there in the play to collect.
  • Pokemon’s anniversary will be celebrated through the battle in a red tent.
  • Few difficulties as well as adversities users may find here through the play.
  • The other features such as new moveability & so on will be there to run the game smoothly.


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