Pokemon Sharp Diamond & Smooth Pearl ROM [Pre-Patched] Download

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ROM NamePokemon Sharp Diamond & Smooth Pearl
Released DateDecember 25, 2021


Looking for multiple game titles from the Pokemon Emerald hack then Pokemon Diamond and Smooth Pearl is suitable for you. It contains two different gameplay but the plot is approximately similar. Now, the developer Jaizu changes all the items and graphics for a unique experience. There are lots of updates already released for new features and improvements. For example, now the Battle mechanics offer 8th generation options and it brings new abilities and moves. Also, more new Pokemon were added and the Pokedex also increased. So, players can use the Fairy-type and legendary Pokemon in the fight.

As you may know, the story remains the same and a few Gym puzzles also contain the same feature. The creator makes it more simple and easy to understand. Users can experience day, night, and even morning systems. So, your main goal should be to explore the region and find your favorite Pokemon for utilizing them in battle. Moreover, enjoy the DP music during gameplay and the Pokemon D/P which also comes with a few changes.


  1. Players can use the 8th generation Battle Machine to utilize new abilities and moves.
  2. Find Fairy-type and legendary Pokemon in the latest update and also Pokedex increases for more new Pokemon.
  3. New events are added and they only remain for a few days.
  4. Experience the day, night, and morning system and feel the visual changes of surroundings.
  5. Lots of necessary items are added for real-life experience such as Treasures, Medicine, and Battle Items.
  6. Added new TM and disappeared the HMs.


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