PokeMal: Animals & Monsters in Pokemon ROM [GBA] Download

ROM NamePokeMal: Animals & Monsters
Developer Z-Max
Released DateFebruary 26, 2020


This game is determined also PokeMal: Animals & Monsters in Pokemon which is developed by Z-Max. Besides an interesting one, the users are eager to know about the facts of this ROM. It is the game of discovering something new. It implies that the gameplay is different from the others. Not brief but also it has expanded the duration of the ability of the entire gameplay.

The story generally starts from a new town i.e. city of the region named supposedly Jade. In that city, there is a complication that the people face now. Recently, an unknown & ferocious beast has come towards this town. It makes the life of ordinary people in a very difficult situation. The people make a plan to catch the beast. For that, they call Valdo, the boss of Team Scale. He has established the headquarters in the town of Jade. He becomes brave & powerful, wants to capture the legendary beast & save the town from danger. Hereafter he has a great mind for researching through the country with the beast & then he might succeed.


  • There is an enormous variety of almost 80 types including some legendaries.
  • Here a brief introduction to the animation as well as an appropriate title screen is given.
  • Users can also find new maps throughout the entire gameplay.
  • The background of the battleship is newly released which is so major.
  • Besides all of the above, the latest story is created in advance.
  • The extravagant feature is that the IV/EV values are rated.
  • The difficulty levels are increasing with the game capacity day by day.


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