Pokemon Fire Red Omega (DX) ROM v1.9 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Fire Red Omega (DX)
Released DateDecember 5, 2021


This Pokemon Fire Red Omega (DX) is a FireRed hack & it was developed by Drayano. Within the whole gameplay, the users consequently find the ultimate modified ROM after it is updated. There remains some exchange throughout the gameplay. Without talking much, we are going to see the good & bad advantages of this game.

By the word “Omega” the users can finely understand that it is about something or somehow that is about to close or already have closed. This version reflects almost the same meaning but there are a few kinds of exceptions. Firstly, it comes with some popular features that are already mentioned overview of this post. But now this very time, it has some shortcomings features too such as Increasing difficulty, some missing Pokemon, new new challenges & so on. Overall with the mixing of all these features, this game is just amazing & superb also.


  1. One of the most charming features is EV/IV, which the users also observe on the menu of this hack.
  2. The TMs are recyclable but the other ones, HMs are deletable.
  3. You can play this game on the Day and night that you want.
  4. This game has an amazing storyline, the best missions, and interesting challenges are available.
  5. You will capture some trees & if you cut them once time, they will not return to their former size.
  6. A few quantities of moves are developed & besides that, the PHYS/SPEC growth is attached to boost up speed.
  7. Each trainer’s battle is improved & some new sprites remain fixed in the platinum & Emerald ROM hack.
  8. In Celedon City, users will find the special berry vendor & the berries are growable after reducing EV.


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