Pokemon Gold 97 ROM v3.00 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon Gold 97
Released DateJune 3, 2020


The ultimate Pokemon Gold 97 ROM game is a Crystal hack & it is available for the GBC. In this entire gameplay, the users can find the mystery that is so captivating. The total game is full of adventure & the facts mentioned in the overview. The story is going to begin with an experiment & hereafter the gameplay takes a new turnover.

Supposedly you are a new trainer known also as a prestigious one. You have set for a journey in the first experience of your life. You come to the lab of renowned Professor Oak. He is going to an experiment on the Pokemon & you are there to raise your helping hand in this research with him. The original story, taken from based on its demo. The player arrives at the region Nihon, a place special for the Pokemon Gold & Silver. It is situated in Japan. After crossing the Nihon, you have collected badges & caught the Pokemon. Then user will face the difficult challenge of the Team Rocket. They are constructing a machine. They believe that it would increase the power of them than the Pokemon have. Go ahead & it will remain fixed in the next steps. Also, read Kipas Guys MOD APK


  • There will be 251, a vast number of Pokemon that the Players observe in the demo of Spaceworld.
  • The entire game is based on Japan & here are the advantages of post-game in some new regions.
  • The graphics used here are completely decorated & taken from the Spaceworld demo itself.
  • Users can find the new satisfying story foundation on the demo.
  • A few of the adversities & complexities you may find here.
  • After completing, you will get a mini reward at the end.


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