Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Kanlara Ultimate
Released DateJanuary 21, 2020


Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate ROM has amazing gameplay with a unique storyline for all gamers. Besides that, it offers an adventurous gameplay. The main theme if we focus is only fighting & action. The game starts in an esteemed region named Kanlara. This is the region i.e. of your motherland. The users will take up the role of a teenager here.

There remains an old school where users read. The player will meet up with his beloved friend & also the rivals. As the users went to visit the school again, the professor wanted to meet up with both of you. After discussing with Prof. Woke at Lab, the player came to know that the region is under attack by the enemy of “Team Rocket”. So, without wasting any time, you with your friend set on an adventure by receiving your first Pokemon. Though you know that the “Team Rocket” is now more powerful. But it’s the turn of users to prove themselves as the best trainer & fight against them. The entire Kanlara region depends on your shoulder. Therefore the players must win the battle & then save the region with utmost prestige.


  • A new region, Kanlara the users can find here.
  • Players will have to create an earlier story to satisfy.
  • A vast, approximately 386 Pokemon are also available from 1st to 7th Gen to fight against “Team Rocket”.
  • The system of P/S/S will separate i.e. divide & the players can run indoors through the game.
  • Besides Fairy types, there exists a brand-new Pokemon named “Demon”.
  • The TM list can be customized here.
  • Along with these, the 24 Demon Pokemon are there to expand the speed & run capacity of players.
  • At least 25 original moveability & effects, users can customize as per their own.


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