Pokemon Chari & Zard ROM [Pre-Patched] GB Download

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ROM NamePokemon Chari and Zard
Released DateJanuary 27, 2020


Pokemon Chari & Zard is the ultimate hack of Red/Blue. The game will be pleasant to the user while they are playing. Here, within the whole map, the specific map is filled with monster-type Pokemon i.e. Fakemon. They are also known as the Zardified types of Pokemon. They have some exclusive features that we can differently identify by seeing them.

The word “Zardified’ implies a lot of new things related to this. They can change and it seems that they can easily transform their name into the theme of Zardified. Now they can make themself into a powerful sprite that looks like a special one Zardified mons. There is also included the ghost & museum fossils in this mons. Along with these advantages, it has been replaced by the fire with the Secondary type Zard Mons. Here with the knowledge of the levels such as Ember in 1st, then Flamethrower in 35th & lastly TM Fire Blast in the 38th levels where you will grow your movement through the gameplay.


  • This game also involves the Zard, a monster-type Pokemon.
  • A variety of new features makes the game more charming.
  • Users will see the latest ghost-type Pokemon as well as the sprites too.
  • The levels of this game will teach you about fast-track speed & moveability.
  • Here the players can use the buttons & by pressing up, down, left, and right they will grow their capability.
  • There will be some difficult challenges you may find.
  • In the end, you will get a reward if succeed.


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