Pokemon – Emerald Version ROM [Gameboy Advance] Download

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ROM NamePokemon – Emerald Version
DeveloperGame Freak
Released Date2005 [Globally]


Pokemon: Emerald Version GBA ROM is a well-known retro game. It contains lots of incredible features with an awesome storyline. You can play with high-quality graphics with smooth gameplay. It is a offline game but you also can play online as well. But before that, players need to have the Gameboy Advance console or the emulator to run the game. There are lots of GBA emulators available and use any of them based on the device’s operating system.

You can find various types of Pokemon in the region and you need to capture them into the Pokeball. So, explore the region discover new hidden secrets, and meet exciting Pokemon. It is a role-playing game but contains lots of adventure and action. Those are the main reasons the game become very popular and gamers all over the world actively play.


  • Meet various Pokemon with different Types and Abilities.
  • Players can catch the Pokemon in Pokeball easily.
  • Customize your character and give a unique look to the gameplay.
  • Take challenges with the Gym Leader and collect Gym Badges.
  • Play the game on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet device using the emulator. Also, it can be played on GBA Console as well.
  • Enjoy the highest or maximum quality graphic with cool sound effects.


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