Desert Bus ROM Complete [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NameDesert Bus
Released DateJune 8, 2020


Desert Bus is a FireRed hack ROM and a general one based on a journey by bus. During the journey, users will find a desert on the way from beginning to end. Players i.e. the passengers will have fun and their joys know no bounds. So they started their excursion with the excitement of knowing the spectacular view while traveling by bus.

Here, in this gameplay, supposedly you are a bus driver with a lot of experience. So the mystery as well as the adventure begins from here. The main target of this hack is to drive a bus by which the users will visit the exact destination. Being a river, you start this trip from the Tuscon, Arizona, located in the country of the United States. At a certain time with a maximum speed of 45 mph i.e. 72KM/H, you will reach the destination politely. Now you finally arrive at your fairyland in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hence, with your hard work, achievement comes tremendously and it takes approximately eight hours to finish the whole excursion.


  • A summary is given by the original developer of Desert Bus Mr. Penn & Teller both of them.
  • Here the players will view the customized soundtrack to listen to.
  • For the users, few a quantities of the graphics have been modified which will be helpful for them.
  • The city of Tuscon as well as Las Vegas are both situated in the United States and have extravagant observatories.
  • Users can find the big road as well as the desert’s sand while traveling by bus.
  • The Bus used in this gameplay is drivable and luxurious also.
  • The players have gathered a ton of experience and their tour is also captivating & charming.
  • Lastly, at the end of the journey, you will get a reward along with some coins & needful equipment.


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