Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle ROM v0.6.2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Adventure to Empire Isle
Released DateMarch 28, 2022


When you start this game you will be on three islands. Empire Isle is a custom-created map where the trainer or player explores or starts the adventure. In this game, one Pokemon is given and another Pokemon is caught. Catching Pokemon requires some knowledge and skills. In some places where villains arrive, they must be defeated with their own Pokemon. The villain’s name is Team Rocket. They plan to steal all the Pokemon and give them to their boss. They steal Pokemons with science technology. So you have to fight them with your Pokemon. And defeat Team Rocket to free other Pokemon. Players will meet many characters during training. Here is something the gym leader challenges for you. You catch a few Pokemon and structure a team Able to take badges with gym leaders.

All three lands here are well-designed safari zones in the game. There are many cities available to battle. The more Pokemon you train, the more powerful they become and the more they evolve. Pokemon can also be evolved with the help of evolution stone. Here you meet some characters: Professor Oak and Garry to fight them. You can find all the rare Pokemon on every street.


  • Here you can see a new and luxurious island Empire Isle.
  • you can find Tileset and palette overhauls in this game.
  • Pokemon Evolution Stone is available here.
  • The two main characters you will meet are Professor Oak and Garry.
  • You can see a lot of rare Pokemon to catch them in Pokeball.


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