Pokemon H2 ROM v1.0 [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

ROM NamePokemon H2
Released DateNovember 24, 2020


This miscellaneous game starts from the core region of Kanto named Hellscape, an undistinguished part of this region. Mario, a character in this game, is almost going through a nervous breakdown and becomes disappointed with how he can come out of this horrific area. At that time, the brave character as well as the powerful one named Luigi, decides to go there and reclaim the life of Mario. Then he went there and saved the life of Mario. After this incident, Luigi arranged for relaxation in the region of Johto from such pollution nationwide. In this happening, he was still unmindfully diseased with a poisonous virus the H-virus. Being very dangerous, the virus at a certain time was overwhelming very fastly. Luigi became frightened of this dreadful disease and made an opinion of having to go to another side so he could protect himself from this panic. So, he finally comes to Mt. Silver and puts himself in quarantine perfectly.

Supposedly, you are Mario and now your only target is to be powerless against this virus and save your brother and all the people who are now in a serious situation. You need to go to the region named Johto and then you have to face the H-virus. Now the decision you have already taken is to defeat the virus as well as the Johto region and successfully conquer them. Thus you will overcome the situation and save the life of your brother and all the people and can put the Johto region dangerless confidently.


  • This updated version of this game has some exaggerated features including.
  • New features have mended the old shortcomings and enhanced their capability.
  • Here users can find more satisfaction by playing this game.
  • The game is mysterious also as mentioned in the above quote.
  • Some restrictions and objections you may find here.
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