Pokemon Fakemon FireRed ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

ROM NamePokemon Fakemon FireRed
Released DateSeptember 15, 2019


Pokemon Fakemon FireRed ROM is available for Gameboy Advance and It was created by Pekin. Gamers can find that it has mixed up in both Pokemon & Fakemon. This ROM has many charismatic features but most of them are contemporary. It is an imperishable hack & the users will keenly desire to play it hopefully.

The main theme i.e. the feature as we can see here is 252 Original Fakemon. Along with this, there will be a grand evolution of almost 19 Pokemon. Besides all of these, The appearance of any single Pokemon mainly legit, will be removed mentionally. There are some helpful features users can capture for instance intro for sequence, overworld sprites, dialogue, items, and so on. A lot of changes that are mentioned down the page are new moves, new abilities, and mega evolution we will find in detail.


  • PHYS/SPEC growth is broken up i.e. separated here.
  • Fairy-type, Digital & Cosmic type Pokemon are hereby found.
  • New moveability comes from the latest generation along with some authentic ones.
  • You can purchase new items from Pokemart.
  • A vast type of approximately 252 Fakemon & 19 is added in its mega evolution.
  • The systems such as B/W repel & day-night systems are here according to your choice.
  • The TMs are reusable & it is relevant to indoor running gameplay.
  • To smooth the gameplay & for more beneficial for the users, its method i.e. progress has a grand evolution added.


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