Pokemon Noon ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Noon
Released DateNovember 12, 2023

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Pokemon Noon / Smile is a FireRed hack by Notrisky that offers decent gameplay. Here, the users may find a new region that they have never seen before. The name of the region is Efonni from where the battle starts. Efonni was infected by the evil team Grin. Being dare of the foe, the people of this plot need you as a warrior to show them out of this critical situation. Supposedly, you are a Pokemon master & have a lot of experience with this criteria.

Now, you have decided to come across with your new friends who will suggest you in this way. Therefore you have met with your friends i.e. the trustworthy team of Pokemon. They are always with you & promise to stay connected with you as much as possible. Hereafter, the battle has begun against your opponents. You become a brave trainer, take part in this battle & properly utilize your Pokemon squad. Hence, you will take the lead in this battle to conquer your foes. Full & finally, you will recover the freedom of the people of Efonni with the utmost honor. Thus this gameplay comes to get closed.


  • Users may observe here an adventurous gameplay that is mysterious too.
  • The battle starts here with great excitement.
  • A devil team has attacked you & you need to survive from them.
  • Here players can utilize their so-called renowned Pokemon to beat their enemies.
  • You will achieve a reward after completing this gameplay.
  • Few difficulties & adversities you may find while playing.


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