Pokemon Unova Red ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Unova Red
Released DateSeptember 20, 2018


Pokemon Unova Red is an interesting ROM with a unique storyline. The multi-featured system makes the game more attractive to the users. Players will find that there has no map or any sufficient items that can be used. Specifically, the Pokemon are obtainable from a few of the Generation. So, it is considered that it is a different type of hack that has no matches like the other one.

If we directly observe the play, it is a reimagining of the 1st Gen. Besides, it is also taking the Pokedex from the 5th generation. There are also some reasons behind this matter. The Unova Pokedex makes construction alone to stand only but there is no stop. As the Pokedex is full of Pokemon, similarly here this Unova red refuses to take the additional regions like the authentic. Nothing will match with this plot because it is different from the 1st gen games. So, there will be some difficulties in this hack while playing the game. Moreover, the only major change that happened here is that Pokemon are available & obtainable also.


  • The users can get at least 156 Pokemon that come from the 5th generation.
  • Through the play, the trade system as well as the friendly evolution will change either the level otherwise the items.
  • There is also the dark & steel-type Pokemon attached in the gameplay.
  • Most likely, the type chart has been updated up to the 5th generation Pokemon.
  • The Ghost type is now considered as special but the dark type is now still physical.
  • The other features such as moveability, phys/spec damage & attacking items are available here.
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