Pokemon Ultra Fire Sun ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Ultra Fire Sun
Released Date28 June, 2018


In this game, we the players will realize that it is a hack full of adventure, action, etc. However, the users can either find any storyline or any particular map in this ROM. But in every single game, there must be a storyline either hidden or directly uncovered through the gameplay. Such kinds of hacks are now very popular with the players. They will get inner delight by playing the game. The multi-feature options raise the gameplay in front of users to make it captivating. It will give you the strength to play the game initially.

With a great effort, the developer, CristAngel is now the top of success. Imagine that you are a renowned Pokemon master with a lot of Pokemon in your grip. You, the player can visit a furious adventure from the region Hoenn. It is a region full of action, excitement as well as adventure also. So, it is time to prove yourself the best Pokemon commander. Now, the players will have to follow some methods to enrich their Pokemon to train up. Journey to another universe that’s full of monsters, a villain group named “Team Rocket”. You are now facing a challenge with your rivals who are very powerful. But there is no worry as the players also have Pokemon to prepare for action instantly. Thus, it will remain fixed & you don’t know what is waiting for you.


  • Users can obtain Pokemon from the 1st to 7th Generation as well as Fakemon.
  • The mega evolution makes the gameplay smooth as well as attractive to the players to play.
  • Extraordinarily, here the starters will gain the fairy-type Pokemon & use them in fighting.
  • The PHYS/SPEC moveability is now separated i.e. divided.
  • Systems such as B/W repel, and EXP system are now available in this play.
  • Few more difficulties players may find here during the play.


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