Pokemon Thief Ruby / Sapphire ROM v1.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Thief Ruby / Sapphire
Released DateJuly 21, 2018

Thief Ruby

Thief Sapphire


Several times we are talking about this type of game. The Pokemon Thief Ruby and Sapphire is a gameplay full of adventure & action. The users can guess now that it is role-playing beside strategy-based gameplay. This is nothing but a Ruby/Sapphire both-type hack. Most of the players will find that this gameplay has neither storylines nor any map to start the play. But, there is no worry & doubtless the users. It has an inner meaning & also a particular history that makes the users more captivated.

Supposedly, the game starts in the region Corba. It is a very rare type but a reputed place for fighting, adventure & so on. Imagine that, the players are now taking the role of a thief but still an experienced Pokemon commander. This hack has a twist & we are going to discuss that. In this region, there dwells a notorious but diligent burglar. One day he was crossing the lab situated beside the street. Suddenly his eyes focused on a ruby, that was glittering in sunlight. After seeing it, he has an intention to steal this precious metal. So, he came at night in the lab & ready to steal. There exists the Pokemon of the trainers. Now, it is the time to grab all these in your grip & escape from there. Super Mario Bros. Wonder NSP ROM


  • As a thief, the users can theft here a variety of balls such as Poke balls, Great balls, ultra balls, etc.
  • By utilizing those balls for instance thief ball, robber ball, burglar ball, etc you can gain the Pokemon of the trainers.
  • If you are defeated, then the second chance you will not get to steal in the play.
  • There are some restrictions as you can’t capture wild Pokemon as well as experienced Pokemon.
  • At the end, users will get a mini reward after completing this gameplay.
  • Few more difficulties you may find here.


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