Pokemon Space World Crystal ROM [Pre-Patched] GBC Download

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ROM NamePokemon Space World Crystal
VersionBeta 4.1
Released Date November 17, 2020


Similarly, like the other, this Pokemon Space World is a crystal hack gameplay. If anyone deserves the credit, it is TSK, the developer of this superb. By the name of this game, users can observe that this is an enthusiastic ROM. Though the players can find nothing about the history as well as any world map. But, it has distinctive storylines & also it has multi-featured options. All these make the gameplay more attractive to the users. This hack will force the players to play it & get immense joy also.

It is the year of 1997. Supposedly, you are an experienced Pokemon ancient astrologer. At that time, the Pokemon are very rare to find. So, you decide to journey in an adventure to a universe. It is also known as the Space World Demo to the users to be more exact. After reaching there, you will have to be ready to investigate its treasure that is hidden in the surface of its in and around. Then, you visit here & there to find out some strange things that you have never seen before.

But surprisingly, players can observe here the precious Crystals that are glittering in sunlight. When the users are ready to catch them, then a sudden critical & venomous team appears there. Being quite daring, you have nothing to say & trembling all over. Now, make a peaceful mind on how to fight against them & beat them consequently. Thus, it remains fixed until it finishes.


  • Luckily, the users can get sprites that are authentic in the Space Demo World.
  • The extravagant features such as new cries, new base stats, and new movesets from the prototype Poekomon are now modified & transformed into newer ones.
  • In this hack, the demo Pokemon along with the new items that the players can obtain here.
  • Besides, the trainer rosters who make their effort to train the Pokemon have been fully updated.
  • Users will be able to get the finalized or beta-type chart.
  • To start the game, users have to press the hold down +B button to switch the type charts.
  • In the gameplay, mainly in the Pokemon menu, the DV & stat. EXP will show to select toggle.


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