Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake ROM Beta 1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake
VersionBeta 1
Released DateJuly 21, 2018


Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake is a Ruby hack & it is also available for GBA. Players will be glad to know that this game has a unique storyline. It is a hack full of adventure, fighting & role-playing, etc. The main gameplay is set in the region of Gento. Imagine that you, the player are a Pokemon master. As a Poke Master, you have a keen desire to become a leader of Pokemon. So, after waiting for a long time, it is the day that comes to you to fulfill your accomplishment.

Players will have to be ready for an adventure through the region Gento. Meanwhile, they have to come across their rivals as well as friends. Besides, to survive yourself, the Player will have to fight against the foes & get the championship. For that, users must try the best level of capacity to beat the enemies. Two powerful rival groups exist during the battle. one of them is Royal Darkness & the other is Luminous Canaries. The users must have found out who came up with these names of two enemy groups. But, at last, the starter will win the champion of the region & get his first Pokemon. Thus your dream may come true of having a Poke master.


  • Once again, users will have to be ready for the adventure in the Gento region full of excitement.
  • Some of the Pokemon will be catchable from the 4th generation.
  • The learn sets i.e. movesets as well as the national Pokedex list are updated here.
  • The moveability for every Pokemon will continue up to the 6th generation.
  • Exclusively, besides fairy type, there are also the Aria-type Pokemon that are included here.


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