Pokemon Nova Silver ROM v1.1 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Nova Silver
DeveloperEx Snagem Wes
Released DateSeptember 29, 2018


Nova Silver ROM is generally determined as a FireRed hack. The players will also guess what type of game they are about to play. If we directly focus on the game, we will notice some exaggerated things here. The main aim of this hack is to create the Base Stat Total shortly to say the BST. It is very important for the users while they play. However, the 600 Pokemon, a large number of Pokemon are also attached here to this BST. Rather, it is also an intention to use any Pokemon to play the game for more satisfaction.

Besides all of these, there are a lot of features that make the gameplay more accessible as well as smooth. For instance, the newer generation abilities, moveability & moreover Pokemon from all Gen are obtainable here & so on. Along with these, there is one more brand-new feature. The Pokemon ability & the Poekdex also are meant the synergize both & their entries are now more charming than the former.


  • The Physical/Special ability is now separated i.e. divided here.
  • All Pokemon, approximately 600 in number, have the BST that’s very important during gameplay.
  • A vast number of Pokemon users can be obtained here but the ultra-beast legendaries are excluded from it.
  • The mega evolution of both automatic & the new will make the gameplay modernization.
  • Besides the TMs are reusable as well as the HMs are forgettable here.
  • With the growing of time, some moves & abilities have
  • The old ones are now refusable & the newer one is replaced here.
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