Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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Released DateDecember 31, 2018


Once again the beginners will have to be ready to play such kind of fascinating Molten Emerald ROM. Several times the players have played this game & now it is once again to play this game with utmost desire. This is also an Emerald hack of the Pokemon game & the developer will satisfy the user by creating this nice play. Before, we have seen that this type of ROM has neither any particular storyline nor any map here. Despite these disadvantages, this exhilarating gameplay holds the rank of the first- step & will ensure the players run it consequently.

Supposedly the gameplay started in the region of Johto. This area is considered a renowned one. Besides there are also listening that it is a fighting place of ancient. So, the player will take the role of a Pokemon grim fighter in this play. Now from here, the story will take a new turn by visiting an adventure full of excitement. You came to know that the notorious “Team Rocket” appeared in this region to hell the lives of people. Along with this, they loot the Emerald from this region. Hearing this, players will prepare for a journey & reach their cursed world. Now the question is whether you can snatch the precious Emerald from their grip or will fail to do it. The next step is waiting for your progression through the game.


  • The starters according to their choice such as Misdreavus, Pawniard,& Croagunk can play it.
  • Users can face some difficulty i.e. adversity while playing the game.
  • The TMs are now reusable & there exists a variety of TMs like as Dragon Dance, Cross Chop, Magnitude, Meteor Mash, etc.
  • The bad/repetitive as well as many families are now included in mega evolution.
  • New regions are also there to find out for instance Eelektrik/oss, Flygon, and Eevee.
  • The Fairy-type Pokemon are now catchable as well and the phys/spec move is now splitting here.
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