Pokemon MasterQuest ROM Beta 2 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon MasterQuest
VersionBeta 2
DeveloperTeam Masterquest
Released DateDecember 2, 2020


Pokemon MasterQuest is the ultimate game hack & it is available for GBA. We are now going directly to the mainstream of this game. At first, the core heart of the world map Kanto welcomes all users sincerely. This is a region that the players will never forget & remember ever until they play this type of hack in the future. The region is full of hustle & bustle as well as adventure. Users are now ready to seize the creature known as Pokemon. Players will set out on a journey through the nation where most of the Pokemon trainers dwell.

The players have to remember one thing. If they want to achieve success, they must fight with the trainers who take care of these types of beasts in their lab. So, it is difficult for the users to reach the top of success. But, the hackers are always with you to get you the leadership of this battle. For that few more steps will have to follow. No one is left who is not unknown to Kanto. The master quests are very powerful & also brave now as they trained their Pokemon for a long time. You, the users will have to fight here & there such as forests, the way you go with the Pokemon master. The actions & also the adventure will be impactful throughout the game & it will continue until you succeed.


  • The gameplay starts from the region full of adventure & fighting named Kanto.
  • The storylines, given here are enormous to explain in detail.
  • Players will become new starters to begin the hack with great excitement.
  • Through the journey, users can observe the new rivals & master quests to fight.
  • Players can choose either good or evil type Pokemon to make the system & make the proper decision.
  • Besides Kanto, users may find other potential regions to save them & run safely.


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